This page will turn a list of tumblrs into a rapid-fire slideshow of stills that continually changes. While you could hypothetically use it to look at pictures of kittens really fast, it's more useful in, um, other ways.

Pick a set of tumblogs or enter your own (separated by spaces).

You can do literally anything. I know this list probably doesn't have one (or any) of your favorites in it, but I'm not you! Help me make a good list.

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Text source pastebin ID: cock worship 1 cock worship 2 cock worship 3 gooner words sissy gooner/bater/feet loser gooner 1 loser gooner 2 loser gooner 3 shit fag diapers ?

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# images to load at a time: (this shouldn't matter much)

Image filter:

Minimum image width: (if your blog posts smaller image, you may want to decrease this)

(this can use quite a bit of bandwidth. don't do it on your cell phone if you're not on wifi.)

Talk to me! (Help wanted writing text)

The text feature needs content. It would be helpful if people could send me phrases they'd like to see in a hypno or transcripts of hypnos they like for inspiration. If you can take your hand off your junk for long enough to help me out, I'd appreciate it. :-)

Direct all feature requests, dirty messages, and tumblog combination suggestions to or or omgsekrit at the yahoo mail.

Feature requests accompanied by dirty messages get higher priority. :-)

How it works

The Gooninator scrapes all image URLs from each tumblog's image posts and continually downloads new random ones to a queue in the browser. While this is happening, another loop goes through the queue, advancing to the next image based on the timing function you select. If the images are being displayed faster than they are downloaded, then a random one will be shown from the past 120 images.

It's open source!

Contribute here:


Thanks to liv2gag, sissykuchi, subbyfootslave, inannaworshipper, latrineus, and pervtherion for contributing scripts!


Public domain, bitches. Download it, rehost it, whatever. Except jQuery, that has its own license.